Prep Notes // Delta Green // Observer Effect

This weekend I’ll be running Observer Effect from “A Night at the Opera” scenario book. Previously, I’ve run “Last Things Last”, “Sentinels of Twilight”, and “Music From a Darkened Room”.

So, “information design” – how do you apply that when learning a module? First-off, the design of Delta Green scenarios are fantastic: good overviews, awareness of page spreads, distinctive heading sizes (three levels of headings as far as I can see), handouts, stats, it’s all well presented. Plus, the PDF has bookmarks, always great – though I did modify those for “Music From a Darkened Room” to add more, so I could quickly jump to specific sub-headings during play.

I’ve also listened to three separate actual play podcasts:

In addition to this, for me to internalise the scenario, I like to create a single-page summary of a scenario, often using Google Sheets to do so. Here’s my WIP draft copy:

Let me know if this was helpful, or if you have any suggestions on learning a scenario inside-and-out.

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