World of Dungeons – House Rules


John Harper’s World of Dungeons (B&W version) aka “WoD”, is a fun little OSR-ish hack of Dungeon World. Here’s a few tweaks I would use to run it with some OSR one-shots, megadungeons, etc.

Magic System = Wonder & Wickedness

Wonder & Wickedness (also Marvels & Malisons) is a (mostly) level-less magic system that will fit in well with WoD. Magic from WoD is replaced with W&W’s magic rules, and the following revision of the Wizard class:

Wizards get Lore. You begin with a grimoire containing three spells as per “Spell Acquisition” rules in W&W. You start with two special abilities of your choice (these replace WoD’s Cantrips/Command/Ritual/Summon):

  • Specialist (W&W p3)
  • Sigils (W&W p4)
  • Magical Defense (W&W p4)
  • Maleficence (W&W p5)

Learning new spells require a Lore check (unless you’re a Specialist). On a 7-9 you learn the spell but also suffer Catastrophe. A 6- means you failed to learn the spell AND it triggers a Catastrophe.

House Rule on Spell Catastrophes: Roll d100, if you get 85+, you instead collapse senseless for 1d6 exploration turns.

Casting beyond your daily allotment of spells requires an INT check. Success means you cast the spell. 7-9 means you cast it but trigger a catastrophe as well. 6- is a catastrophe.

The “Starting Equipment” (M&M p8) looks like fun.


You have a “Load” (number of slots) equal to 10+2xCON, e.g. +0=10, +1=12, +2=14, +3=16.

Everything you carry has a weight (default 1, light/martial/great weapons typically 1/2/3, armor rating is weight, one day rations = 1 weight, 100 coins = 1 weight, etc. Build up your rulings at the table.

See DW equipment list for inspiration, where “coins” are silver pieces.

When you exceed your Load, you can’t move about anymore. Drop weight.

Out of Action

TODO Consider stealing the critical injury table from Forbidden Lands – they’re pretty nice.

When you (or NPC) reach zero or fewer hit points, you are unconscious. When you wake up, roll The Die of Fate:

  • 6 KO’d – Just knocked out
  • 5 Concussed – Disadvantage on all tests until you get a long rest
  • 4 Fractured Bones – Disadvantage on all STR, DEX, and CON Tests until you get a week of rest in relative comfort
  • 3 Disfigurement – CHA reduced by 1
  • 2 Maimed – either STR or DEX reduced by 1 (roll another Die of Fate?)
  • 1 Dead – The Character dies!

Adventure Modules in Consideration

  • Qelong
  • Death Frost Doom
  • Scenic Dunnsmouth
  • Deep Carbon Observatory
  • Forgive Us
  • Kidnap the Archpriest
  • Tomb of the Serpent King v3


Being mindful of the “rules-light” approach, I hope these rules will help create the style of play I envisage at the table – more free-flowing than traditional D&D thanks to Dungeon World’s style of conversation as play. But with some tangible clarity here.

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